Semak Office

What comes to your mind when business life? Starting ending between the four walls of the Office hours? Where you can't decide until the last moment to eat lunch break? The only difference between a meeting with the other, which one more get tired of? As you know, forget about the understanding of business and Office. Believing in people-oriented architecture and Office makes your life more livable Semak Office. Working hours in the Sun and fresh air make garden enjoyment by able to enjoy. Business life comes immediately to mind when plazas. And when from high-rise buildings in the Plaza ... In today's sense of antisocial and boring, drab plaza Semak Plaza and vanishing. To entertain your guests a spacious lobby and will host all kinds of artistic event room, conference room, Entertainment room, cinema room, party-Karaoke room, Playstation Room, organization room, a Fitness Room, a children's playroom, security systems and a lot more available in our service project. 


The biggest reason is to watch sports ' timelessness ' spiral Plaza with Barriers. Sports ... Metropolde is a dream for most people running. The tempo of the day, stress, sometimes overtime, added to İstanbul's traffic on top for sports not much time left. However, maybe the people who need it most, in the Office gym regular desk employees. People who work in a metropolis such as London, common problem is not finding the time to do sports, Semak Plaza is not in question. All the time you need to keep your form will throw up close as soon as you step out of the Office at Plaza Fitness Center Semak got offers allow you to sports .... If you want lunch break you can still make day workout in fitness. Designed as part of a people-oriented architectural understanding Semak Plaza Fitness Center, those who want to protect the form will be the nearest preference. PRESENT WHEN DESIGNING, YARININIZI ALSO.


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