Semak Maltepe Plaza


SEMAK MALTEPE PLAZA, in the busy schedule of being overwhelmed by the stress of the day for the Manager and employees to improve work efficiency and reduce. With its modern structure and social work will come even more attractive to you. Molalarınızda cafe where you can relax with colleagues, a Fitness Room, a cinema room, racquetball, music room, Entertainment room, PlayStation room, private Studio, meeting rooms, ladies-like feature of the mosque project overwhelming job of peace, where you'll find landscaping areas, you can design according to your taste with Office ergonomic structure fields you can use to host your guests and guest room doors with social search a business environment. In addition, you can benefit from all the facilities of the city is in a good location for you need to step away from stress with little getaways.


SEMAK MALTEPE PLAZA, offer a qualified business centre amenities, luxury and a comfortable home environment on job to integrate into your life. You will focus on your business location in Istanbul's business and you're not going to budge from your comfort as well. SEMAK MALTEPE PLAZA features an unusual business ... Freedom without having to restrict job you will conduct your life easily. Design your Office as you wish and SEMAK MALTEPE PLAZA's technical infrastructure and residences offer the comfort of you will feel the privilege. When you are done with the floor garden office areas green your hotel stay will be every shade of the peace of mind of being neighbors.


Project Details

Project Name                           : Semak Maltepe Plaza
Project Location                      : İstanbul


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