The Public Announcement

15.07.2016 in defiance of the will of the nation, and especially our democracy by counting Presidential, parliamentary, Government and our Government organs, including the General staff and for our nation, the atrocious attempt a coup d ' état by the terrorist organization, FETÖ, which is the heart of PARLIAMENTARY democracy and national will and bombed the presidential Complexes, we killed a large number of citizens and public officials. This traitor Government, especially against the President, praises Mr. Arınc, commit Judicial Organs, head of the General staff and all State bodies, including the Police Force and the nation had an erect posture and tenacity and determination continues to exhibit. SEMAK as reprehensible and degrading blow A.s. attempted vigorously refute. The will of the nation we don't know no human will on top of enterprise at the expense of lives against giving government bodies and a great challenge with our security forces, our people and our political parties to joint action against this interference, democracy and the rule of law, we have found valuable in terms of this event, who were killed as a result of the citizens and security forces, thank God for mercy, we wish a speedy recovery to our wounded with respect to the public announcement.

Semak Yapı A.Ş. Board Of Directors