Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Servicing all areas in “value creation” with the mission of moving Semak construction Inc, group of companies, “happiness as the architect of a successful work when performing duties with an awareness of social responsibility projects to the community is pursuing.

Semak, education and the environment on its investments with a better society, a better future and aims to create better living spaces. In our country, particularly to schools educator, technical equipment, like Semak, who are aware that there is a lot of missing material, with its projects for the Elimination of deficiencies, with the support of universal and national values to future generations and thus contribute continuously in order to continue to work.

Culture And Art...

As we continue to evolve forward from the point we have reached in the sector; he again received from the community to give back to the community with the principle, we take part in cultural and artistic activities appropriate to our brand values.

Sports Training..

The largest investment in people and skills is an investment. Investment in education opens the way for investment in other areas, and gives them meaning.