President's Message


                                               Chairman of the Board

                                                             Kadir BAKAÇ

To Build A New Trust To Civilization; What we call "life", is filled with excitement and happiness in the construction of a new civilization of the adventure colleagues together we create works inspire us to new life projects. Natural environments are more beautiful and liveable environments the ability to convert the man-made structures that occur over time, showing the development of modern high-rise architecture due to the primitive caves, dusty trails the highways are transformed into various technical and aesthetic evolution. The development of mankind and therefore builders, cultural evolution to the present and therefore the future that guides people. More comfortable, more contemporary human beings, and to provide a more secure living environment "SEMAK the DOING business sense" is the essence of. From this core business since its inception our company that has been offset; thousands of people's life quality has undertaken numerous projects that contribute to the elevation, fulfilled their commitments in full.

Our company's basic policy in parallel with the rapidly evolving technology in the world, increasing quality production standards and competitive market economy within the framework of the business rules and the production of efficiency and quality of service to the forefront of the construction industry is to become a leading company that can compete. In this respect, all our employees for the next to the creation of a safe and healthy working environment, the protection of the natural environment. The company has personnel in all levels of knowledge and advanced technology experience and our experience in project management, especially in terms of the future of our company is our biggest assurance.
We support as we move towards success and confidence who lent the venerable business partners, one of the most important family of OVER DOING the denominator SEMAK comprise employees and increasing confidence in our brand, our valuable customers, I offer my thanks. I believe that we are sharing with a high faith and complete as we care to implement policy in the coming years in light of our projects and will perform to win success in international arena we're going to best represent our country.

Gain increased wish to replicate successes and happiness ... Yours sincerely,